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What our customers are saying


For those of you who have been on the fence about using Robert Kolodin’s IntellaSoft plugins: I’ve never had much measurable success with SEO before. I spent a lot of money with almost no measurable result that I could quantify. About a year ago I met Robert. I was a bit skeptical after my ventures in SEO that felt like I was throwing money out the window. I asked for references and they all spoke highly of him. So I jumped in. But I also asked Robert for feedback on my website and landing pages. He generously took the time to give me his insight and suggest changes which I made. After a year I can speak to the results. Consistent and steady quality leads. Sometimes a few a month and sometimes far more. I’ve learned that Robert can get me listed as #1 on Google but that doesn’t always make my phone ring in equal numbers every month. He can only make me #1. He’s not in charge of the quality of my website (makes a big difference) or my landing pages. He’s not in charge of the weather (I think, lol) and our business is largely weather driven. Rain, freezing, flooding that is all out of his control. But the results of being #1 when weather hits. Let’s just say we had a lot of rain here in NC the last 2 days. Not a hurricane, not tornadoes, just a lot of rain and flooded basements etc. I’m still out at 9pm because my team is working another call that came in from Robert’s plugin. 17 leads in 24 hours. More than my Google Ads brought me for a fraction of the cost. All were qualified leads. I closed 11 in last 24 hours with 3 appointments tomorrow. If you are on the fence about using Robert Kolodin, ask yourself: what is your SEO doing in PROVEN results? Do you want to be #1 in your area? It’s still up to you to go sell your business and close those leads, but damn, Robert sure makes it easier with qualified leads ringing off the hook. Slow times? I’ll still take those 5-6 qualified leads a month that I sell the crap out of and make 10x my return on investment. FYI: Robert didn’t ask for this or pay me a dime. I’m just stopping in the middle of work to say thank you to someone who helped make what I am doing possible!

Zach Brock
Secure Restoration, LLC


We spent over a year spending lots of time and money to get our SEO to bring in leads. Gradually our efforts worked and we saw an increase. However, once we switched to IntellaSoft our SEO skyrocketed. Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but the proof is in the pudding. We received almost 50 valid leads in one day during a local flood after only 3 weeks of working with IntellaSoft!

Mary Johnson
Advance Restoration, LLC


I highly recommend that you contact Robert Kolodin and make the switch over to IntellaSoft Solutions. The calls to our company have dramatically increased which has lead to several new jobs. During these times we could all use more business. Don't wait - give Robert a call!

Rinea Blanchard
Superior Contract Cleaning


Elegant Restoration has been working with Intellisoft, Robert and his team for over a year now. The plugins have made a difference with our company placement in the search engines and improved our ranking. Robert and his team are efficient and professional. 

Julie W. Chmura
Elegant Restoration Inc.


One thing I learned when it comes to SEO and websites is that being cheap never gets you anywhere. It’s "go big or go home" if you want to play for real. We messed around with people that don’t know our industry and it was a complete headache. After a few failed routes I knew what I was looking for and Robert holds the keys to the castle when is comes to SEO. Bonus points are that he is a property restoration veteran, so it was a match made in heaven! We pulled the trigger and paid him in full upfront. That’s how confident I am about him. He got right to work and the within 2 weeks the phone started ringing. We get an average of 2-3 calls a day, 7 days a week now from his SEO program. I would recommend Robert to anyone looking to dominate their market when it comes to SEO.

James Calloway
Calloway Cleaning & Restoration


I started using IntellaSoft Plugins three months ago. Robert and his team have done a phenomenal job building and maintaining our landing pages. We have had several leads that have turned into qualified jobs, some of the jobs we have signed have been board ups, mold cleanup, flood and water damage cleanup, and trauma cleanup. All of these leads have come from our landing page tracking numbers. Thank you Robert for doing a wonderful job on our website. You have changed our business for the better!

Tracy Davis
Mastercare Restoration


Hey Robert, I wanted to just leave a note saying that I appreciate the help and support getting the Intellasoft plugins set up and running, whether it was initial setup or troubleshooting issues, or getting the activations and licensing upgrades worked out. I didn't expect to find this level of support when we first found the plugins, and they work great!

Rich Milburn
On Top Local SEO


Big thanks to InellaSoft Plugins and the team! This is an amazing plugin that allows us to generate landing pages in each city, best for organic searches related to keyword and location searches. We’ve used it for Water Restoration, Attorneys, Physicians, Dumpster Rentals, everything in between, it gave us a competitive edge and we thank you for that.

Robert J. Schoenmann
Advanced Media Solutions


I just want to give a shout-out to Robert Kolodin on the SEO work he has been doing for us. Its giving us a lot of exposure online now and tons of leads are coming in. Thanks Rob, we can't wait to start the next site!

Rock Environmental


Hey Robert,  thanks for your support with your plugin, my clients from Digital Broiler, have gotten a lot of good things from it.  Coupled with our SEO packages, including the plugin, we really get 1st page results for our clients.  Glad we have partnered up!  Keep up the new features and I appreciate you listening to our input for new features.  Thanks and look forward to helping more clients.

Dave Myers
Digital Broiler SEO


Huge shout-out to Robert and his SEO plugins! Robert Kolodin has been wonderful to work with. They have been responsive to any inquiries or questions I have had. They have been re-doing my website which was somewhat in a stagnant place and things have begun to pick up. They have ideas and helped my landing pages become much more effective. His plugin is great. They are the most familiar with my industry and have had some great guidance in making my company have a much better online presence.  After a slow start on our end, Robert walked us through everything and now our 1,800 indexed pages are showing up everywhere on Google. We have gotten 3 Water Damage jobs in the last 4 days. Thank you for help and work!

Russell Calderone
RDC Restoration, LLC


Huge shout-out to Robert and his SEO plugins! After a slow start on our end, Robert walked us through EVERYTHING and now our 1,800 indexed pages are showing up everywhere on Google. We have gotten 3 Water Damage jobs in the last 4 days. Thank you for help and work!

April W.
Lubbock Steamer


I am a new client with Robert and IntellaSoft (just 30 days now). The work that they have performed is outstanding! We have increased our organic rankings in all of our key areas and most importantly: the phone is ringing more! Having the ability to easily track where our calls are coming from through Robert's software makes us confident that we are getting the results we need. Best advertising investment I have made in a long time! Thank you Robert!

Zach Brock
Secure Restoration

Robert and AMS made a webpage for my company recently. Within just a couple weeks thousands of pages were indexed with google and showing up in top searches! Robert and his team provided excellent content for the pages and has followed up with me through the whole process to keep me updated and make sure we know the fine details! Cant thank these guys enough, I will recommend this service to friends and colleagues. I will be a long term customer of data randomizer plus & intellasoft solutions! Thanks again!

Complete Restoration

Wow, what amazing plugins! My site has been using the Landing Page Builder and Content Randomizing plugins for two weeks and I already have over 8,800 organic pages indexed on Google. When I started, I only had 120 pages indexed on Google that another company built for me, which took over a year to build and cost me a ton of money. Using the Landing Page Builder, and Content Randomizer plugins, I am already appearing above the 120 pages that were indexed by Google for over a year, for a fraction of the price. I've already received five leads, that turned into three jobs from the SEO created by these plugins. I would refer Robert's SEO plugins to any company trying to increase their work through SEO.

Gary Blakeney
Xpert Restoration


Robert, I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know that using your plugins for the last 90 days has been absolutely game changing! I have always been pretty great at SEO, but I never could have had this type of success at this scale without your plugins! There is not a service or product I have ever encountered in my professional life that has had the impact of your plugins. I wish I could scream out loud to everyone about what you have developed, but competition is fierce and I'm looking to dominate in my area. I'm so glad to have met you and so thankful for what you have created. I just crossed 11k indexed pages and have my eyes set on 20k, then 50k, then 100k! No way could any other, so called, SEO guru do what you have just pulled off with this plugin. Again, thank you so much for all your support! 2019 will be a legendary year!

Robert Keefer
Hydro Hero


Robert has built 8 websites for our company in Michigan and in New Jersey and it has generated a lot of business for both my companies. Our Michigan business has tripled since Robert came on board. Robert handles things in a professional and friendly manner and is very friendly and honest. I highly recommend him. 

Alan Lystila
Extreme Supplies LLC


We have had a very great business relationship with Robert Kolodin for many years. He has built us websites for water damage restoration as well as construction and has also built our contractor map. He has referred us thousands of jobs over the past years from his websites. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at anytime.

Vincent Sconzo
President of Tri State Flood, Inc.


I just wanted to say thank you. Since launching our new site Barrier Free calls have increased well over 70%. If you ever need a reference, give my name and number.

Joe Nichols
Barrier Free Modifications


Just wanted to take a moment to thank Robert Kolodin once again. Started using his plugins 2 years ago. Always steady, consistent, and most importantly to me verifiable and trackable leads. Any business owner needs to know if their marketing dollars are working or not. Some months 6 leads, some months 20. Our closing percentage on those leads is above 75%! But last week we scored another big one. 6 four bedroom units completely flooded. An over $60k mit! That paid for years of my SEO with Robert Kolodin and IntellaSoft. This is the third job in two years that has been above $50k. And I’m in a small market. Do the math: If you want consistent singles and doubles with some amazing home runs from your SEO, then call Robert Kolodin. You won’t be disappointed.


Zach Broch
Secure Restoration


I just started using IntellaSoft, but after getting it set up, we have started gaining business from the use of the plugin within the first month. I am now getting more consistent phone calls for work needed and I am excited to see more growth as we continue to use IntellaSoft.

Josh Jenkins
Jenkins Enterprises


In 2019 I hired Robert and his team to make landing pages for our website. I've had some good success but I was not able to track results. I hired a local guy to update our website and he shut all 4400 pages down to 40. I called Robert 6 months later to quit the program and plugins. He did an online meeting and pointed out the destruction the local guy caused. Robert fixed the issues installed tracking and in 3 days I got 5 calls and booked 3 jobs worth $1800 in work. He’s the best! Thank you Robert Kolodin!

Al Olsen
Next Level Restoration


I have worked with Robert and IntellaSoft for approximately a year and a half. For the first time in my business we have consistent quality leads coming in from organic searches! The best part is that the number of leads and the quality are measurable by utilizing the call recording options. No more wondering if we were wasting our money and not knowing where our advertising dollars went. Using Robert changed our SEO from a shot in the dark with inconsistent (at best) results to a quantifiable, consistent and quality part of our online advertising. Thank you Robert!

Zach Broch, CIE, CCMI
Secure Restoration, Inc.


 I had a website that I built myself using Vistaprint and hardly got any leads from it. I kept seeing people talking about Robert’s plugins and saying they had success with them but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money on it. Robert was willing to work with me on a monthly payment plan which was nice. He had Robert Keefer build me a new website which looks awesome! However after not seeing results for a couple of months I started bothering him about showing me what’s been done because I had no way of knowing. He did a screen share with me and showed me all the “hidden” work that’s been done and a new method of ranking faster. Within the past 3-4 days we’ve had 7 leads come in ranging from Mold Remediation, Sewer Backup, Carpet Cleaning and so on. I can not wait to see what the future brings and cannot thank the Roberts enough for helping me out!

AJ Dedic
AJ Cleaning and Restoration


The SEO plugins from IntellaSoft have been very effective in helping my clients get the exposure they need to succeed with their ranking in search engines. Robert and his son Michael have provided customer service that has far exceeded my expectations, making my transition to their plugins simple and straightforward. Powerful plugins and great customer service are an awesome combination! Thanks Robert and Michael!

Nick Di Santi


Robert Kolodin - thanks to the plugins and your hard work and instruction, we’ve gotten lots of leads, including one that is still an ongoing job and currently at about 100k! Sorry for their loss but happy for the work... thanks for being so smart and a pat on the back for me for recognizing it!

Advance Restoration


Five stars to IntellaSoft Plugins for their incredible SEO plugins and SEO work. I started using Robert's plugins in December of 2018 and by the middle of January 2019 I had over 40,000 pages indexed on Google and now I'm getting work daily. Since my first site is doing so well I decided to build a second site, with a brand new domain name and no backlinks. Within 2 weeks time I had 1,800 pages indexed and I'm already starting to get work from this site. Robert, what you are doing right now with your plugins is legendary. I have never seen anything like it. Keep up the great work!

Gary B.
Xpert Restoration Inc.