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Agencies and Developers

Our plugins are implemented by advanced users, agencies, and developers. Learn what makes our plugins different – dig into the technical features and details.

Business Owners

Whether you have us or an agency implement our plugins, find out how our plugins can help you dominate your local market! Get an overview of how this works.

Do you want to rank higher on Google without spending vast sums of money on Google Ads?  Our SEO plugins, for advanced WordPress users, can automate all of that for you, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business, taking care of all the new work you’re now getting through your website.

Powerful wordpress plugins for

Local SEO

Intellasoft Plugins streamline the process of implementing Local SEO techniques across your website, boosting your visibility in local search results without spending a ton on PPC ads.

For average business owners who don’t want to worry about building, managing, and maintaining their website, we offer full service web development and marketing. See our contact information below.

For web developers and agencies, we offer white-labeling, discounted licenses of our plugins, and an affiliate program.



Brand New! All you need to get your website going!

Extreme Theme

The Extreme Theme is a speed optimized, lightweight, and mobile friendly theme with block editor support and Tailwind CSS integration.

Extreme Blocks

The Extreme Blocks have a variety of highly customizable blocks that can be modified in a centralized way. With just a few clicks you can update every block on your website.

Supported Countries

Our plugin supports creating location based landing pages for every major country around the world

Best Rated SEO WordPress Plugin

We've been voted #1 amongst over 100 other SEO plugins on

Now With Gutenberg Blocks Support!

Build Landing Page Templates with the Gutenberg Editor

Create beautiful landing pages by using the native WordPress Gutenberg Editor! By integrating our plugin with the Gutenberg Editor, the plugin has become easily accessible to tens of thousands of web editors across the world who rely on the natively supported Gutenberg Blocks editor on their WordPress site. WordPress has put extensive development into their block editor, to allow developers to achieve stunning looking sites without adding a heavy page builder plugin or theme. Harness this power to create visually stimulating and market-capturing dynamic landing pages, by using the Gutenberg Editor in your landing pages. This feature works seamlessly with our plugins. 

Works With All Page Builders and Editors

Keep Your Current Page Builder While Adding Landing Pages with Intellasoft's Plugins

You can incorporate local landing pages into your existing website with the Intellasoft Plugins Landing Page Generator, and using the Content Randomizer and Google My Business Manager, no matter what page builder you might be using, whether it’s the Gutenberg Blocks Editor (natively supported inside the landing pages themselves), or any of the other popular page builders:

Ark, Avada, Avia, Beaver Builder, BeTheme, Bold, Divi, Elementor, Enfold, Flatsome, Fusion Builder, Fresh Builder, Live Composer, Muffin, Pro, SiteOrigin, Thrive Architect, Visual Composer and X.

With IntellaSoft Plugins, there’s no need to rebuild your site, or get your developer to make changes so that our plugins will work. They will work seamlessly with whatever builder you use. And if you encounter any issues, our award-winning support will work with you to ensure your success.

For Business Owners

Grow Your Revenue with Local Search Visibility

Landing pages are key to showing up in searches beyond your corner of town. Be seen by prospects across your entire service area.

Keeps your page content unique across hundreds or thousands of pages, so search engines don't mark your pages as duplicate content.

Images are randomly selected from a pool every time a page is refreshed, ensuring fresh and unique content. No two landing pages look the same.

Lists of swappable keywords further increase the uniqueness of each landing page. Not spun, because you select the terms to use.

Gives you a simplified way to manage your Google Businesses from within WordPress! New for 2021! Posting, images, insights - and backups to restore content in case your GMB listing is removed.

Now you can create variations for your products, to make your product descriptions unique. Product pages are the most common culprits with duplicate content.

Ensures that your landing pages are automatically indexed and submitted, so Google knows when your content is updated. Also gives indexed links to all landing pages from any page.

For large markets, specific local content can be added for extra local relevance, with all the content randomizer features. Adds extra juice for harder-to-rank-in areas.

The SEO Landing Page Generator automatically generates Service schema for all landing pages to boost your SEO ranking in serach engines.

Easily create an FAQ page with auto-generated schema data to boost your SEO ranking. Easily add as many questions and answer pairs as you like and re-order them later.

Generates written descriptions of images on your site to ensure accessibility.

Manage how your business appears on Google right through the WordPress admin panel and put posts to Google on autopilot with schduling and auto-reposting. Easily manage your business hours, services, photos, reviews, and more.

For Web Developers and Agencies

White Labeling, Discounted Licenses, Affiliate Program

No more manual creation. Control down to the city, and automatically generate pages. Regenerates pages every 7 days, and propagates content changes instantly.

Create multiple versions of paragraphs shuffled automatically on each page request. Avoid spun content and complex spin text, and get more unique pages than ever before possible!

Multiple versions of layout can be defined. Shuffling the random images and content can create an almost infinite variety of page layouts, all with a fairly simple interface and no coding. (You can add HTML and css, though, for even more dramatic content!)

From FAQ to local schema, where you can enter local GMB location code at a state level or county level, make sure the right information is on the right landing pages, without having to code scheme markup.

Select from numerous demographic datasets to include on pages, from population to crime stats, to add more local signals to pages. All added through shortcodes and widgets.

Every time a prospect or search bot requests a landing page, content is shuffled. This ensures that every page is updated, and never duplicate. Even hitting Refresh Browser will pull a new version of the page.

No more trying to maintain and submit lists of links or sitemaps to Google, or maintain them for internal linking - both xml and html versions of a categorized sitemap are kept up to date automatically, and also submitted to Google.

Auto-generated lists of links to other similar pages, whether same service and different cities, or same city and other services. This ensures that you don't end up with orphaned pages. All this is automatic, and can be customized through page templates as well.

Help your clients find you! Through our settings panel, it's easy to edit your business info and contact data to change how your business appears on Google. You can also set and adjust your business hours at any time.

Stores data for future access and faster loading speeds

Edit your page's Meta Description right from the edit screen. This makes SEO enhancement a breeze and increases your page's search engine visibility by giving the search engines a fall-back text to display in their search results.

XML Sitemaps are automatically created and can include all of your pages, posts, and landing pages. The sitemaps are updated daily to make sure all changes you make to your site are captured, so Google can crawl and index all of your content easily.

What Are Intellasoft Plugins Used For?

Local SEO, for starters...

Search engines try to be helpful by showing the closest businesses to your potential customers. Search engines look at your location, and then they look at your “local relevance.” If your website is written well, this is great – while your customers are searching from your parking lot, you will likely show up on the first page if they are searching for a service you have on your website.

Many local businesses, however, serve customers in an area that covers multiple cities, and they have a wide range of services. You can easily create pages for each of your services in your city, and this is what SEO gurus say to do. The problems come when you want to cover all the cities and all the counties that you serve, and show up with all the services you offer. These problems include:

  • How do you create and manage all those pages? 
  • How do you keep those pages updated, so they don’t get stale?
  • How do you avoid duplicating your content (being included in the “other results were omitted” reference)?
  • How do you put locally relevant content on all of those pages?
  • How do you manage this?!? (Yes, it bears repeating, because it becomes a mess quickly)

Intellasoft plugins were developed to provide a solution to these problems, based on feedback from customers and agencies both. There are solutions out there that solve some of these problems, but none addresses them all, and none of them come close to the elegant all-in-one solution that Intellasoft Plugins provide. 

It’s no wonder that hundreds of websites are using Intellasoft Plugins to dominate local search results for their businesses!

Who Uses Intellasoft Plugins?

Local Business Webmasters

If you are the kind of local business owner who enjoys taking a break from normal business, and likes to “geek out” on your website, digging into WordPress, SEO, images, and blogs yourself, then you may find our plugins straight-forward. Or, if you have a web developer who manages your website, and you want to pay them to learn to implement our plugins, that works for a lot of our customers, too. We have an extensive library of how-to videos, and offer free support for implementation – as long as we don’t have to teach you WordPress, too!

Admittedly, though, these plugins are for advanced users. We have implemented our SEO Landing Page Generator and SEO Content Randomizer for hundreds of websites. We’d be happy to do the same for you. Even if you have a web person, it may be more cost effective to have us do this for you, and you may end up with better results.

We offer a full range of web design and development services, as well as implementation. We also offer guaranteed local SEO services for the rest of your site, not just the landing pages our plugins create. And we can manage your Google My Business locations. Solutions range from basic to complex. Contact us today to talk about what it would take to get your business on top of your local search results. 

SEO and Web Design Agencies

Maybe you’re like our other main category of customer, though. Having a toolkit that will allow you to boost your clients’ website visibility to page one across their entire service area is huge. Our customers consistently see their landing pages show up on top of search results in cities they never appeared in before. It’s so effective, it seems like magic! The reality is, though, that we just prove that sound local SEO optimization of web pages results in real world results. 

What’s more, we offer an affiliate program and white labeling. If you’re going to implement our plugin on your clients’ sites, ask us about bulk license discounts, our affiliate program, and white labeling options. The sooner you contact contact us and get started, the sooner you’ll be able to get the same incredible results for your clients that we’ve seen with ours!


Will the plugins help increase my page rank on Google?

Our SEO plugins are addressing two important parts of your sites SEO, namely keeping your content fresh and up-to-date, and hosting content that specifically targets the locations you want to advertise in. Our SEO plugins give you the tools to automate the updating process of your content and the creation of location specific landing pages. However, it will just work as good as the content you add. That’s why we encourage users learn at least the basics of writing keyword driven content to archive the best results. Here is a great article on that topic.

Can I see a demo of the plugins?

Yes. Just shoot us an email or give us a call. We’re more than happy to show you the ins and outs of the plugins. If you want to give it a try yourself, you can download the free version and test it for as long as you want.

Will my original content get deleted once I turn a page into a randomizer page?

No. The plugin doesn’t delete any of your data. If you turn a randomizer page back into a normal page, your original content, including the default content editor will appear again. You can even bring the default editor back, on randomizer pages, by going to “SEO Content Randomizer” in your WordPress Admin Dashboard and deactivating the setting “Hide Default Content Editor”.

Can I generate landing pages for any city in the US?

Yes. Our database includes about 50,000 US cities that you can generate landing pages for. If you purchase the Enterprise plan, you could actually market to every city in the United States. In practice however, most of our clients use the plugin to generate landing pages only for the areas they’re actually offer services in.

How do I upgrade from the free version of a plugin to a paid plan?

It’s as simple as logging into your WordPress Admin Dashboard, and then going to the “Upgrade” page in the plugin’s settings. From here you can pick the plan you like and make a payment.

Why is the default content editor hidden on randomizer pages, and how do I get it back?

Since the SEO Content Randomizer replaces your single editor with multiple content block editors, there is really no need to show the default editor, so we hide it by default. However, no content gets deleted and you can bring the default editor back by going to “SEO Content Randomizer” in your WordPress Admin Dashboard and deactivating the setting “Hide Default Content Editor”.

What's a landing page?

Landing pages are generated based on the cities you activated in the plugin’s settings panel and the template pages you create. So if a template page has the name “My Service” and the city Troy in Michigan is activated, one landing page that will be created will be named “My Service in Troy, Michigan”. The landing page will contain the content you entered on the template page and fill the placeholders with information specific to Troy in Michigan.

What's a template page?

As the name suggests, template pages are used as templates for landing pages and promote services you offer. You write quality content once on the template page, and use placeholders in the text that will be filled in with location specific text when a visitor opens a landing page. Updating content on the template page automatically updates all the correlating landing pages too.

“Content is one of the most important Google ranking factors. This shouldn’t be news — content has been an important ranking factor for a while — but in recent years, we’ve seen a shift away from keyword-focused content towards more relevant content written in natural language.”

What Kinds of Businesses Can Benefit?

Here are just a few to give you an idea...


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