Google My Business Manager Documentation

Getting Started

Simply click the “Connect to Google My Business” button. Follow the authorization prompts to connect to your Google My Business listings.

Connect to GMB


Adding a business

Under the business listing, click the “Add Business” tab. Add Business

Required Fields

  • Business Name
  • Primary Business Category (must choose from categories provided by Google My Business)
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address (US Only)
  • City (US Only)
  • State (US Only)
  • Zip Code (US Only) Add Business Fields Add Business Fields

Business hours

Add opening and closing business hours for corresponding days of the week. If your business is open 24 hours, click the “24 hour” toggle Add Business Fields


When a new business is created, it must be verified to become an active Google My Business listing. Businesses in GMB can be verified by navigating to the GMB > Dashboard and clicking the blue verify button next to the red “Not Verified” status indicator. In most cases the blue verification button will prompt you to verify by post card. Verification Initiate Verification Note: It may take up to 7 days for Google to mail a pin number. Please make sure your address is accurate and that you can receive mail from the location.

Completing verification

Once you have received your pin number, navigate to GMB > Dashboard and click the “Complete Verification” on the corresponding business listing. Enter your pin to complete the verification. Pending Verification Complete Verification

Editing Business

Required Fields

  • Business Name
  • Primary Business Category (must choose from categories provided by Google My Business)
  • Phone Number
  • Street Address (US Only)
  • City (US Only)
  • State (US Only)
  • Zip Code (US Only) Business Name Edit Business Name
Business Hours
Edit Business Hours
Business Address
Edit Business Address

Editing Address and re-verification

Editing the address will trigger a re-verification action. You must wait for a new pin number to be sent by Google to complete the process in order for the business listing to become active again.




Managing Photos

Click the photos action (camera icon) or click the “Manage Photos” tab. Photos management allows you to upload, edit and remove photos from the default Google My Business photo categories: Identify, Exterior, Interior, and Team

Logo and Cover Image

To add a logo or cover image, click the “Identity” tab. Next click the upload link to either logo or cover image.Add Logo or Cover

Added Logo or Cover

Note: Cover images must have a ratio of 2.7, otherwise the upload will be rejected.

Interior, Exterior and Team Photos

Follow the steps above to upload photos in their respective categories.Exterior Photos

Photo Gallery

Note: Photo uploads are subject to Google My Business approval, and can take up to 24 hours to appear in your business listing.


Adding a Service

To add a service, click the services action or the “Manage Services Tab”. Next click the “Add Service” button and add a service along with a corresponding description.Add Service

Removing a Service

To remove a service, click the delete button next to the service. Please note that this action is undoable.Remove Service


The GMB Manager can post standard WordPress posts and its custom post types. GMB post types include:

  • Standard Google My Business posts
  • Google My Business Offers
  • Google My Business Events

Creating a custom GMB post

To create a custom GMB post, navigate to “GMB: Posts” and click “Add New”. Follow the template to add content.Create GMB Post

Posting to Google My Business

Navigate back to the GMB Manager and click the “Post” action or click the “Manage Post” tab. The newly created post will appear in the left column and click “Post Now”. Allow a few minutes for the post to show up on Google My Business.Post to GMB

Scheduling posts

Post scheduling is possible by clicking the “Post Later” button. In the pop up window, select the calendar date for future posting. Optionally, you can choose to repost the posting in recurring intervals.Schedule to GMB

Note: Wordpress’s cron does not run in the background as the system cron does. It is only triggered on a page load. Read more about WP-Cron


Once a post had been posted to Google My Business, it can can be reposted by clicking the “Repost” buttonRepost to GMB

Remove Post

To remove a post, click the “Remove Post” button. This will remove the post from Google My BusinessRemove post to GMB

Note: This action cannot be undone.

Reviews Replies

Replying to a review

Intellasoft GMB allows you to reply to a review posted on your Google My Business listing. Simply add a reply to the reply field and press the “Update Reply” button.Reply to Reviews

Canned replies

To avoid typing the same reply response over and over again, “canned replies” can be added under GMB: Review Replies > Add New. When replying to subsequent reviews, type the first few words of the canned and the field will auto complete the rest.Canned Reply